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Professional Partner Program

A Beneficial Alliance

For over twenty years, we have helped over one hundred CPAs to create financial advisory practices within their accounting firms. All of these CPA financial advisory practices were built under our Professional Partner Program (PPP) which matches financial advisors with CPAs. The resulting partnership between the advisor and CPA brings a unified planning and wealth management approach to the CPA’s clients with all revenues generated shared between the CPA and Integrated Advisor under a full disclosure agreement signed by the client. The results over the last 20 years have been extraordinary.

What makes this program successful is the focus that is placed on providing financial planning and wealth management services to the CPA’s top 20% of net worth and income clients. Fully supported by our Advanced Planning and Business Alliance Teams, the CPA and their financial advisor partner have the confidence to approach the most demanding and complicated clients with the knowledge that they are teammates, tackling all challenges as one.

Under the direction of InTouch Innovations, our in-house marketing division, the CPA’s clients are divided into five different segments: Ultra High Net Worth; High Net Worth; Business Owners; Retirees and Mass-Affluent. These segments are created to help deliver professional service campaigns and focus on the planning and wealth management needs of each client.

The success of the Professional Partner Program has recently expanded to Law Firms, Property Casualty Firms, Banks and Credit Unions. Professionals partnering with professionals in order to bring coordinated advisory services to clients is the entrepreneurial model of the future.